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    Today I start posting my top 12 albums of 2012. One illustration of lyrics a day for 12 days. I’ll also include the video to the song that I quote (where possible). My musical taste is pretty varied, so they’re will most likely be something that you can boogie to at least once. Stay tuned.

    Kicking things off with TS & The Past Haunts. This is Travis Shettel’s (of Piebald fame) newest music venture. I was and am a hugelarge Piebald fan, and I was real happy to hear about this project. The album is solid and if you like rock and roll and not taking yourself seriously, then you should give this album a listen. These lyrics are from the song “Unknown.” I found one video of it and embedding has been disabled, so click here to listen.

    Prints and more available in my Society6 shop.

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