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    Josh LaFayette - I Love Gluten
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    I made a rap song about how much I love gluten. You can download it for free here: http://d.pr/a/6cZG

    Also, here are the lyrics in case you care:

    I was gonna give up gluten but what about pizza?
    What about tortillas, bagels, and pitas?
    I love gluten way too much
    Cookies and crackers and cakes and such
    Bring me snacks and bring me treats
    Bring me all the foods made with wheat
    A triscuit, a biscuit, a bowl full of Crispix
    If I gave up gluten I would definitely miss it
    There ain’t nothin
    Better than stuffin
    My achin belly
    With a dozen muffins

    Bring me pastries
    Bring me treats
    Brings me breads
    and bring me sweets

    But it ain’t just sweets, man
    Man what about drinkin
    What about beer when I’m chillin wif my peeps, and
    How I’m supposed to treat myself
    when I can’t straight wheat myself
    With sandwiches and rolls, toast, and bread bowls
    Seitan, malt and, meringue, and bran
    none of them thangs is gluten free, man
    Life is too hard when you can’t eat pasta
    Can’t build a team without wheat on my roster
    I’d rather be dead than go a day with out bread
    Said, I’d rather be dead than go a day with out bread

    If it’s made of gluten, then I will eat tons of it.

    Bring me pastries
    Bring me treats
    Brings me breads
    and bring me sweets

    But if I gave up gluten
    Then I’d probably stop tootin

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